The Burning…

August 30, 2010

When I went back to the doctor a few days ago, I had to get my wounds cauterized again. The process is basically supposed to remove excess skin and bumps so that the wound can actually heal properly. The little skin bridge that was connecting my two wounds the last time had actually broken, but the excess skin still needed to be removed.

Fortunately for me, my surgeon used a local anesthetic to numb the area first. It burned when she stuck the needle in the wound and injected the anesthetic, but shortly after that I felt nothing. She then used the battery operated cautery to burn everything off around my wound.

It really wasn’t that bad. Even after the anesthetic wore off, I didn’t really feel anything.

So I went back again today for my ostomy nurse to check on my progress. The two wounds on the top and side of my stoma are healing nicely and don’t have far to go until they are completely gone. The wound on the underside still looks a little nasty, but it does look a lot better than four days ago. Hopefully, we can get this all completely healed up soon, because that’s the only thing that’s still being bothersome.

In the meantime, I am using an Aquacel Ag dressing under my ostomy wafer around my stoma. It contains silver, and it is supposed to act as an antimicrobial dressing. It makes it less prone to infection.

Otherwise, life has been pretty awesome in comparison to the shell of a life I had before my ostomy. I’ve been going out with work friends and just enjoying being healthy for once. I started back to work last Friday (yay), and I start back to school on Wednesday. Hopefully, it’s not too stressful this time around.


One Response to “The Burning…”

  1. PJT said

    Hi Piper,

    I’ve been following and enjoying your “Adventures in Ostomy-Land.” Your progress has been remarkable and it sounds like you’re dealing with it just fine. Good for you. Your stories are funny, informative and inspiring and I hope lots of people have the opportunity to read them.


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