Ostomy Secrets

August 22, 2010

Hey! Today officially marks two months since I had my surgery!

I had been getting along just fine just wearing my pouch under my normal clothes, but I got curious about some of the ostomy products out there. I knew I wouldn’t really care about getting a pouch cover, because no one even sees my stomach to begin with, so why would I spend money to get something decorative that no one will ever see?

Anyway, I was interested in finding something that would make my ostomy less apparent under the scrub pants that I wear to work, since I should be headed back to work at the animal hospital sometime soon. I found the Ostomy Secrets website by surfing around the internet and probably from looking at ostomy message boards such as the C3Life Forum. Ostomy Secrets sells underwear and other products made especially for ostomies. I wasn’t really interested in the underwear, because truthfully, it is slightly expensive, and I already have a bunch of underwear that I find I can wear comfortably with my ostomy. I was interested in the wraps that they sell though.

I was skeptical at first, but I ordered the tan classic wrap, and I am very happy with it. I honestly forget the ostomy is even there, unless the pouch gets fairly full. Even when it is full, there is just a slight bulge which only I can tell is there. The wrap itself helps keep the pouch close to your body, but if you measure the correct size, the material isn’t so tight that it restricts flow of output. The wrap also has an inside pocket to put the pouch in. I like the inside pocket, because it helps support the pouch when it gets full. Plus, it keeps the pouch from rubbing against my leg.

I definitely recommend the classic wrap from Ostomy Secrets for people with ostomies. It is comfortable and supportive. Even though it is slightly expensive, I think that it is worth the investment. I would definitely consider buying a swim wrap or more classic wraps in the future.


2 Responses to “Ostomy Secrets”

  1. waypastsane said

    where do you find these wraps at?

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