No More Medication!

August 11, 2010

Finally! I’m officially medication free!

I was able to stop taking most of my Crohn’s medications immediately after I had my surgery. Prednisone, however, is not a medication that you can just quit cold turkey. There is a long, annoying process in which you have to slowly taper down the dosage. In the past, I was on doses as high as 60mg a day; you can only taper 5mg to 10mg a week (sometimes much slower, and the really slow taper comes after you hit 10mg a day), so even once you are “finished” taking the steroids and switch to a different medication, you still have to be on them and deal with the nasty side effects for months afterward.

I am just happy to no longer have to take any pills! I have been taking pills for over 10 years of my life, starting when I was only 12 years old. Sometimes I was on four or five different medications. Some of those medications required me to take three or four pills every eight hours. Sometimes it was pills, sometimes it was an enema, sometimes it was a trip to the hospital for a few-hour- long IV infusion, sometimes it was an injection I did myself at home, and sometimes I needed a home nurse to give me an injection. It really builds up. It really does get exhausting after a while even though it seems like such a menial task.

I’m sure my body will be happy to not have a ton of chemicals pumped into it. A lot of my medications had horrible side effects. The IV infusions of remicade were a blessing to me, but it was still full of nasty things that could cause cancer and who knows what else. It’s like I was destroying all of my other organs to try to save my colon, when there really was no saving it to begin with.

Of course, I am still taking a daily multivitamin and an iron supplement. But it’s not a requirement. I won’t feel like my stomach is going to implode if I miss a dose. It’s helping not hurting. It’s something “normal” people do.

This feels clean. It feels liberating. Hopefully, there will never, ever be any other circumstance that would require me to take prednisone. I hope you never have to deal with it either.


One Response to “No More Medication!”

  1. Chrissy D said

    When i read your blog I feel like I am reading my own medical history. I am SO glad you are doing well. It is really inspiring me and really helping me see that life with a bag might not be so bad. IT MIGHT BE A REAL LIFE. I know that mine might not go as well as yours did but it is still awesome to imagine what life could be like. No medications is a concept I have only dreamed about…

    I love the line where you talk about filling your body with chemicals to save a your colon. I have been doing the same thing for years and you know, I am starting to think that my colon might not be worth saving either…

    THANK YOU again for writing this and inspiring others… you know how scary the idea of surgery can be and I am so grateful that your are willing to share your story. The good, the bad, the burning but most of all the fact that your life has improved.

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