Second Follow-Up Appointment

July 21, 2010

I had my second follow-up appointment today. I’ll be four weeks post-op tomorrow. I am making a lot of progress. I am pretty much back to normal. I even drove myself to the hospital, although I have pretty much been driving normally for a while anyway.

So, my wounds are mostly looking great except for the keyhole incision in my belly button. It sort of separated at the bottom of the incision, so I can see a little bit of suture coming out; it actually doesn’t look horrible, but it does ooze some clear fluid once in a while. My surgeon took a freaking Q-TIP and SHOVED THE WHOLE END OF IT INTO THE HOLE! I was like, “Ow. Cry.” It actually wasn’t that painful, but it was freaky. She said it was just a superficial separation, so it should come together on its own eventually, and I shouldn’t have to do anything unless it starts to look worse.

I do have a little irritation under my stoma where it is very difficult for me to see. It isn’t so much irritation from stool though. It is where the stoma and the skin comes together, and it just hasn’t really healed up as good there after surgery. I was advised to put some stoma powder and barrier film on the ouchy-looking parts between barrier changes to encourage healing. After it gets all healed up, I won’t have to worry about that part anymore, and I can just change as usual.

I still have part of the small bump on the top side of my stoma where it connects to the skin. Last time, my nurse rubbed some silver nitrate on it, and it did help it to go down a little bit or slough off or whatever it did. She rubbed some more silver nitrate on it again today, so hopefully that will make it just go away. My stoma was very well behaved during all of this, and he only spit up a little bit. Good boy. Next follow-up is in four weeks!

I have pretty much decided on which pouch and wafer I am going to use, so I ordered my supplies for the first time from Sterling Medical. I was actually going to get a pre-cut wafer, but the smaller sized regular wafer didn’t come in the right pre-cut size. My nurse found a pre-cut in the extended wear wafer that was the smaller size, but apparently it is a new product from Coloplast, so Sterling doesn’t have it yet; I ended up getting the one I’ve been using that is cut-to-fit since I don’t mind cutting it. My stoma is now about 28 mm at the base, but there is the possibility that it may eventually be 25 mm when all my little issues clear up.

I have been doing great. I have my appetite back full force and then some. I feel like I have been eating non-stop…just constantly…So I need to try to keep that in check a little. It is just so great to finally be able to eat after my body starved for so long. I really appreciate feeling healthy and normal. It’s the little things. I can eat pretty much anything now and have slightly experimented with some foods that I was a little afraid of. I ate some blueberries which went through without a problem, skins and all. I also tried some sushi which was a success as well! I love sushi, so the fact that the seaweed and raw fish didn’t bother me really makes me excited. I’m not going to go crazy and eat unpeeled apples and raw carrots and popcorn, because I’m not asking for a blockage, but I’m so glad I haven’t had any complications!

I feel very blessed to have my ileostomy and for it to have had such a positive impact on my life!


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