First Restaurant Outing

July 3, 2010

In trying to get back into the swing of things a little, I went out to eat at a restaurant for the first time today since surgery! I have been eating pretty good since I’ve been home (actually I’ve been overdoing it a little), and it felt good to get out of the house. I went with my dad, sister, brother-in-law, and nephew to a diner that we go to all the time. It was the first time my sister has seen me since I’ve been out of the hospital, and she couldn’t even tell where the pouch was! She couldn’t tell even after feeling all around my belly!

I only have a few dietary restrictions right now. I am not supposed to eat fresh fruit or vegetables; the only exception is bananas. I ordered a cheesesteak sub without the lettuce and tomato at the diner, but guess how it came out! I felt like I explained that I just wanted it plain pretty well, but I dealt with the mistake and just picked off all of the lettuce and tomato. I am also not supposed to eat seeds, nuts, or popcorn, or foods with a peel such as apples, grapes, or hot dogs. These foods can cause intestinal blockages if eaten in large quantities, and I am especially at a risk right now because my stoma is still swollen from surgery. Eventually, my stoma will shrink down to its final size, and I will be able to eat pretty much anything I want to in moderation. It is just good to be able to eat anything without feeling ill during and afterward.

Last night, my flange decided it wanted to malfunction a little bit. It bunched up a little on the top so that it had a tunnel for liquid to escape. It only leaked a tiny bit; I just pressed it back down really well so that the adhesive stuck back on and decided that I would change the pouch in the morning. Everything worked out; nothing leaked during the night and I have a new, fresh pouch on right now, but I would like to change it less than every other day. I decided not to use the stoma paste this time to see if it would affect wear time. I know the paste is supposed to be like caulking, but I feel like the adhesive will stick to my skin better without the paste around the ring. I also don’t like how the paste sticks on my skin after taking the bag off. If my logic is flawed, I’ll just deal with it and use paste again next time.

I also posted a picture of my stoma with a new pouch attached. I will eventually take a picture of the stoma without anything attached when it is convenient. I was a little preoccupied with trying to put the pouch on before the stoma decided to erupt on me, and the camera was in another room. The stoma is fairly cooperative in the mornings before I eat though.


2 Responses to “First Restaurant Outing”

  1. sweetmeow said

    It sounds like you’re doing really well! I remember the same dietary restrictions for Scott, both right after his ostomy, and then again after his j-pouch was connected. It was also because of blockages, and he did have a few minor ones. One thing that got to him was mushrooms — either cooked or raw. Just an FYI. He eats them now, but “remembers” and chews them well! I also think that it’s quite an “individual” thing.

    Another thing which Scott found when he had his ostomy was not to use soaps that have lotion in them, like Dove. They may have improved upon the appliances by now, but they didn’t stick so well if that was used. We were on vacation – – away from ostomy nurses – – and had to put in a special call for help, as he was going through way too much leaking and appliance changes.

  2. Piper Lee said

    I’m feeling pretty good. I don’t like mushrooms, so that shouldn’t be a problem! I just want to eat some fresh fruit again! There is a really delicious blueberry desert with my name on it…maybe in a couple weeks. 😛

    The no paste experiment didn’t bode well. I put paste on the one I have now and it seems to be holding up a little better. The ones I had a little trouble with didn’t have a big enough “leak” to be an embarrassing situation though; it was just something I noticed was going to turn into something bad if I didn’t change it soon.

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