One Week!

June 29, 2010

It has been one week since I had my surgery! I feel like I have come a very long way since then. I am still taking the oral pain medication once in a while, because there is still some soreness. I mostly feel painful after sleeping; I’m not sure whether that is because of the position I am in or because I am waiting longer between taking pain pills while I am asleep. At this point, I would not try to run or pick up anything heavy or even go up and down too many stairs, but there is no problem walking and getting around.

This week, I have already been out of the house to visit the grocery store once with my mom. I also walk outside with her to walk the dog once in a while. They are short trips, but I am making progress every day.

The ileostomy was pretty much a non-issue for me before I even had it, so it is not bothering me at all. I have already changed the pouch once by myself at home three days after I changed it in the hospital. The size of the stoma was still pretty much the same (about 35mm), and I am using the Coloplast clear one-piece system that the hospital sent me home with. I will probably switch to an opaque two-piece Coloplast system after my follow-up appointment, but the one-piece is actually not as bad as I thought. I haven’t had any problems with it so far, and I had changed it because I wanted to, not because of any leaks or anything like that. I have been lounging out in my pajamas for the most part besides the day I went out to the store, so I have not experimented much with wearing it under my clothes, but it was not noticeable with the jeans and shirt I wore the other day. I am almost afraid that I will forget to empty it because I will forget it is there!

The only annoying thing about the pouch is that it fills up with gas like a balloon. It is an easy fix though; just empty the pouch. That seems to be a fix for most things that could be irritating about it. An empty pouch is a happy pouch.

The output has been mostly liquid, except for when I eat a banana. It is like the whole banana wants to come out like it went in. The stoma itself makes some pretty interesting noises. It seems to want to work most when I am actually eating. It is strange because I can feel the bubbles coming out. It also moves like a little sea anemone sometimes, bobbing up and down. It’s kind of cute if you ignore the whole spewing poo thing.

I have noticed how wonderful it is to be able to eat finally without feeling sick! I can wake up early in the morning and actually have a bowl of cereal or a banana without wanting to vomit it everywhere or poop fifteen times. I am able to enjoy my meals with my family without having to worry about how crappy I’ll feel afterwards. Plus, I’m actually able to wake up and get out of bed no problem without feeling super lethargic (not like I have been doing anything tiresome, but I am still a little tired from the surgery). I can also walk around and do stuff, whereas before it was hard to even stand up straight sometimes; I would have to try to accomplish things while doubled over in pain.

I definitely have to say that the decision to have ileostomy surgery was a good one. I feel like it will have a very positive effect on my life, because I was really fighting a losing battle with my colon sapping all of the life out of me. Taking care of the ileostomy is totally not a big deal at all, especially when you compare it with how sick I felt without it. Speaking of life-sapping colon, I posted some graphic pictures that my surgeon took of my colon and rectum with the laparoscope. You can find them on the photos page of my blog, but beware, they are not for the faint of heart!


3 Responses to “One Week!”

  1. A0794 said

    How in all that is holy did you get pictures of the colon?

    • Piper Lee said

      Lol… I actually took in a disposable camera because I was going to ask them to take pictures with that, but my surgeon took better ones with the laparoscope that they used for the surgery and gave them to me.

  2. thailainthesky said

    I remember the first time I ate and how Stan started being active, it was weird. But then I learned that the action of eating causes the intestine to ‘get active’ – it makes more space for the new food to get in. I love how the body works, so clever! (when it’s not being mean…)

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