Post-Surgery Days 3 & 4

June 28, 2010

The morning two days after my surgery was the big turning point in my recovery even though it was so soon afterward. That morning, they decided to take out my urinary catheter. The only time I had walked the evening before, it was horribly painful, so I was very nervous about knowing I would have to get up to go to the bathroom from now on. I found that it was still tough to get up, but I was now able to do it on my own, and I was able to walk much easier. They had me hooked up to a lot of fluids, so I had to get up almost every 45 minutes just to pee! It was pretty exhausting and a little frustrating, but I am sure the exercise helped in the long run.

Since I was seeming to do okay on a clear liquid diet, they decided to upgrade me to full liquids. That meant I got to eat some cream of wheat or grits or something for breakfast, some cream of tomato soup for lunch and dinner, some vanilla pudding for dessert, and I got to drink milk, instead of surviving on only clear broth and jello.

My ostomy nurse came in to help change my pouch for the second time. I did it pretty much on my own, and it wasn’t difficult.

Later that night, my surgeon visited again, and she told me I would probably be okay to go home the next day! So soon!

The next morning, one of the other colorectal surgeons came to see me and confirmed that I could go home later that day! I was also allowed to eat a low residue diet, which included a pancake and eggs for breakfast and a fried fish filet for lunch. I also changed my pouch for the third time to practice before I was sent home.

I was ready to be discharged at around 1:00pm that day. They had to take the drain out of the left side of my abdomen first though. At first, they were hesitant about taking it out so soon, but they finally decided that it was better to remove it than to send me home with it. It was such a weird feeling when they took it out! The tube that was inside me was so long! Haha, it felt like I was disemboweled twice. So weird. Now I just have to change the dressing over the little wound every day.

It felt so much better to be finally home. I was able to relax a lot better. They sent me home on oral pain medication (percoset) which also has been helping a lot. Overall, I had a very quick recovery and I am very happy with the results. My surgeon was very good. I didn’t even have to worry about having any staples; all of my sutures were subcutaneous. I am very glad they can perform laparoscopic surgery now. Of course, I am still sore and tired and healing, but I have been making a lot of progress everyday. And hopefully, I will have the energy to upload some pictures of my colon later!