Surgery Day

June 26, 2010

I am finally home and resting well since my surgery on June 22nd, but I am a little painful and fatigued still, so I think I will break up my updates just a little.

The morning of the surgery was fairly uneventful. Since they moved my surgery later in the day, I had a little time to get ready and relax. I had to shower with special hibiclens soap, which is basically chlorhexidene. My last poop ever from my butthole was pretty anticlimactic since the bowel prep from the night before had basically transitioned my bowel movements into hot water spraying out. Ew. ANYWAY.

Got to the hospital a little before 11:00am and did all of the check-in stuff. I answered the same questions a billion times about how I didn’t have any fillings or allergies or contact lenses, and yes my name is Piper and that is my birthdate, etc. I also got dressed in a hospital gown and some funny tight knee-high socks that are supposed to help prevent blood clots. Then, they wanted me to give a urine sample to prove that I wasn’t pregnant even though they took a blood sample the previous Thursday. I always have the same problem. They dehydrated me with bowel prep, told me I couldn’t drink all day, and now they want me to pee in a cup after ten minutes of giving me IV fluids. It never works. I tried to warn them, but they kept insisting on the urine; needless to say, it never happened, and they ended up having to take another blood sample anyway. Not pregnant either.

After they got their blood sample and put in the IV catheter and all their questions were answered, I was sent off to cysto for them to place a urinary catheter and stents in my ureters. The stents were placed so that my ureters would be easier to identify during surgery and therefore less likely to damage. The urinary catheter made it possible for me to lay in bed and recover without having to get up and pee. All of these things were placed while I was under heavy sedation, but not fully asleep, but I don’t remember anything about it at all.

I went under at around 1:00pm, and I didn’t get out of surgery until around 7:00pm. When I finally woke up and looked around, the clock said 7:40pm, and I was pretty shocked. They had put me in my hospital bed to wake up so that they could just wheel me up into my room and not have to be moved from a stretcher. Besides the catheter and stents, I woke up with a drain coming out of the left side of my body and multiple needle stab wounds. I was also SOAKED in sweat at first, because they had covered me with like five blankets. I also had these funny air sock things wrapped around my legs to prevent blood clots along with the knee-high socks. They would inflate and deflate in different patterns to keep my circulation going since I wouldn’t be moving much on my own.

Of course, I also woke up with my ileostomy, stoma with pouch attached, although it wasn’t really heavily on my mind at the time. I was pretty concerned about pain control at that point. I had my own patient-controlled pain pump. I could push the little button about every ten minutes for it to give me a controlled dose of morphine. It worked out pretty well, but I think I was a little scared to use it. I probably should have pushed the little button more than I did. That night, I pretty much tried to go right to sleep, though it was interrupted fairly frequently by nurses.

On day 2, I started eating clear liquids. That morning, they took out the remaining stent in my ureter (one was removed after surgery), but the urinary catheter stayed in. I didn’t feel much like doing anything besides laying down and not moving. However, that day, they also got me out of the bed to sit in the chair, which was a very difficult and painful experience. My ostomy nurse stopped by midday to help me with changing my ostomy appliance. She half demonstrated and half let me do it. Later on in the evening, they had me walk up and down the hallway once with the IV pole. That was really, really painful, and I couldn’t wait to get back to the bed. It was a lot of progress for being less than 24 hours out of surgery though.

To be continued…


2 Responses to “Surgery Day”

  1. sweetmeow said

    Hey! Been thinking of you and it is good to hear from you. You really were not in the hospital very long, so you must have done very well. 🙂 Keep up the good work, and the day to day recovery!

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