Meeting My Ostomy Nurse

June 21, 2010

I met my ostomy nurse this morning. She explained the basics of an ileostomy to my mother and me. We also watched a short video that did the same thing, and she gave me a little booklet with fun illustrations. I didn’t have too many questions to ask her, since I’ve done a good bit of online research. Thank God for the internet, because I would definitely not be as knowledgeable without it.

She also marked the location on my stomach where the stoma will be placed. It was a no-brainer where it would go, because I have two large creases in my stomach, so it had to go directly in the middle of them on my lower abdomen. I’m going to post pictures of my pre- and post- surgery belly on the pictures page.

In about 3 hours, I’m going to drink the awful, horrible, disgusting prep poison juice, and spend the night on the toilet. Surgery is tomorrow. Good luck to me!