Meeting My Surgeon

May 5, 2010

I got a voicemail on my phone today as I was driving to school that said I could get an early appointment with the surgeon at 2pm today if I could make it. I got the message at about 12:15pm, and I decided that it would be worth it to skip my class and call out of work so I wouldn’t have to wait another month to get the ball rolling.

My surgeon was very helpful and explained things very clearly. She was very willing to let me ask as many questions as possible and made me feel very comfortable about everything. At this point, I don’t feel like this whole thing is going to be a very big deal, but I don’t think I will fully realize what it is going to be like until it happens. Everything is pretty surreal at this point.

According to the doctors, I’ll have to have a permanent ileostomy. My rectum is pretty diseased and unhappy, so they have to take that out as well as the rest of my colon. I won’t be able to have the opportunity to have a J-pouch, but I am not sure I would want to go that route anyway. Something about creating a pouch that could fail out of my remaining healthy intestines is kind of scary. A K-pouch might be convenient if it was successful, but it’s not really for Crohn’s patients. Therefore, permanent ileostomy is the path we are taking.

I’m kind of happy that this is when it is happening; it could have been a really inconvenient time. I can finish out the last couple weeks of school and final exams and recover over the summer. I want to go to veterinary school eventually too, so at least it is not interrupting something like that.

They are going to call me soon and set up an appointment with an ostomy nurse and a date for surgery. I’ll probably be in the hospital for about a week afterwards, then I’ll probably be recovering for 6-8 weeks. Crossing my fingers and hoping this is my “cure.”


2 Responses to “Meeting My Surgeon”

  1. sweetmeow said

    Hi — this is Wendy — sweetmeow from over at Live Journal (and I also have a wordpress blog, too). I am so glad you are writing about this. I hope it will be cathartic for you to do so.

    As you know, my son has been down a similar path as you — though his disease of “choice” was Ulcerative Colitis, which allowed for the J-Pouch solution. His surgeon said that it’s not an option for Chrohns… šŸ˜¦ Whatever the case, I am very interested in reading about your journey with this. You sound like you are approaching this with an excellent attitude. I also know from reading many forum messages (I did a lot of online reading at the time Scott was sick) once people with ileostomies got used to them, their lives were pretty normal. And — honestly – getting rid of the pain was of prime importance, anyway. I can see that with you, too.

    Hang tight! šŸ™‚

  2. ostopus said

    Thanks for the encouragement! Right now, I have pain every single day at some point, and eating is a chore; I’m actually looking forward to getting the ileostomy done so I can know what it is like to feel healthy again since I haven’t in quite a while! I might have felt different if this was something that came on suddenly, but as it is, I feel like I’m just coming to the end of a very long road of suffering.

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